Worrying About My Worries . . .

Say What?

My sleep last night was very fitful, no doubt caused by the massive gastric distress that was placed upon my body at yesterday’s Thanksgiving dinner. I found myself tossing and turning and much of my sleep was semi consciousness, bouncing around various levels of consciousness.

Some of it was dreaming, some of it was thinking. At one point I found myself worrying about some task that needed to be taken care of today, but I obviously was not very worried about the task as I drifted into sleep without finishing my worries. style=”PADDING-RIGHT: 8px; PADDING-LEFT: 8px; FONT-WEIGHT: normal; FONT-SIZE: 16pt; FLOAT: right; PADDING-BOTTOM: 5px; MARGIN: 20px; WIDTH: 250px; LINE-HEIGHT: normal; PADDING-TOP: 5px; FONT-STYLE: normal; TEXT-ALIGN: right; FONT-VARIANT: normal”>”We are so much more
than our thoughts”

This morning I got up and went through my usual morning routine of finding the shortest distance between the bed and ingesting caffeine. As I was standing over the coffee pot waiting for it to complete it’s all important task, my mind wandered to the incomplete worrying that had occurred during the middle of the night. I could not remember what it was I was supposed to be worried about.

I then began to worry about the fact that I couldn’t remember what it was I was supposed to be worrying about. I actually began to get a bit put out, by the fact that I couldn’t remember. I began to admonish myself over the fact that I did not pay attention to my worries in the middle of the night and thinking that if I would have been a responsible human I would have written it down so I wouldn’t forget.

My thoughts were really setting me up for a pretty miserable day. Thankfully as the caffeine kicked in at the same time a passage from my morning inspirational reading caught the attention of my inner being adult, and I realized what an absurd thought process I had just allowed myself to get sucked into. I had been worrying about my worries! Do you believe it?

I wondered how many times I have done this in the past. The realization that all that stands between me and happiness is my own thoughts, has come way to late in life. As humans we need to find a way to get rid of this kind of thinking. We are so much more than our thoughts.

Start questioning your thoughts, you won’t regret it.

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