Multitasking is Egoic Mischief Nonsense

Multitasking . . . screwing several things up, all in one sitting

A student in my class Letting go of Detrimental Thinking recently posted an interesting question regarding the wisdom of multitasking . . . I thought you all might like to see my reply.

Quite frankly I believe multi-tasking is grossly overated and in fact can add quite a bit of stress and loss of productivity. The human mind performs at its peak when it is fully engaged and focused on a single task. Mental clutter detracts from focus.

Multitasking is the ego’s shame response about focus and enjoying the satisfaction of doing a great job at the task at hand. It’ll try to convince you that you must do more and more to be worthy of peace of mind. The ego always wants more of everything.

It rationalizes that unless we are constantly driving ourselves to do more, we are somehow inadequate. Complete and utter nonsense. As with all of the self-talk the ego shares with us each day.

Quit mentally working on this afternoons tasks this morning. It will drive you crazy. Let go of all of those hobgoblins of the tasks that are in the future. Learn the joy that comes from doing that which is in front of you right now very well, with lots of pride.

Do not worry about what comes next, nor all of the other things on the to do list. Let them take care of themselves or starve themselves into oblivion.

Your day will unfold without all of the frantic angry moods we have a tendency to work ourselves into when we multitask.


I’m not alone in this thinking check out this article: Multitasking is Inefficient, Studies Show and this one Multitasking Madness

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