Spreading the Word

We could end up just talking to ourselves

Roger Mills taught the children of Modello how to access their innate wisdom. Those children went home and the change in their attitudes caught the attention of their parents, who sought out the teachings of the Three Principles and the miracle of Modello unfolded on its own. Drugs, violence, unemployment, abuse and hatred all disappeared.

Did Roger Mills worry about the quality of the teachers? Or the purity of the teaching? No . . . he planted the seeds in the children and divine mind, divine consciousness, and divine thought worked their own magic.

In Cathy Casey’s recent video interview she talks of prisoners sharing Three Principles insights with each other using primitive communication techniques in an underground illegal network. Do you think the prisoners who received those insights cared about the “quality of the instructor” or the “purity of the message”? Those teachings are saving lives inside those prisons and raising the consciousness of the entire prison.

Humanity needs to hear the Three Principles message . . . any way we can get it out. No effort, no matter how crude, will fail to get results and raise the consciousness of those who hear it. As devotees of Sydney Banks, if we spend time and energy quibbling about the “quality of instructors” or the “purity of the teaching” or who should not be allowed into our groups, we will end up only talking to ourselves and this movement will die a painful death.

The only thing that really matters is that we continually fight the ignorance about how the improper functioning of mind, consciousness and thought creates fear, hatred and prejudice in humans. I for one am going to follow Roger Mills and Cathy Casey’s example and celebrate all who spread the word wherever and whenever as best they can. If it is a homeless person sharing mind, consciousness and thought wisdom with another homeless person, they will get my blessings and encouragement.

I hope you join me in this effort. Together we can change the world.

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