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It’s Not About You

Get out of the way and let the universe go about its business Remember Carly Simon’s “You’re so vain, you probably think this song is about you”? Well, the way the self sees things, it was about you . . … Continue reading

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How Do I Pray?

When I find I cannot make the world the way I think it should be, then I might, if the need seems sufficiently important, beseech some higher power to intervene and change things for me. I am, in effect, asking it to do the bidding of my ego. Yet as most of us have discovered, the ego seldom knows what is truly best for us. Continue reading

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Who’s Talking in Your Head?

That inner voice calls the shots.
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Spreading the Word

We could end up just talking to ourselves Roger Mills taught the children of Modello how to access their innate wisdom. Those children went home and the change in their attitudes caught the attention of their parents, who sought out … Continue reading

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Awareness and Experience – Isaac Shapiro

Let us consider what we all call experience The entire universe, life, time, space, our family, everyone we know, is in this moment simply experience to us. We experience all the above through five senses, so I am calling all … Continue reading

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Its all about the stories

Good Stories and Bad Stories Written by Gina Lake The egoic mind is obsessed with its story about how life is going for me. Have you noticed? It’s always checking to see how things are going for me and adjusting … Continue reading

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Suggested Readings

Not to be Missed Readings Most of the suggested readings are available at your neighborhood library by way of the wonderful Minnesota cooperative library system called MNLink. With a library card from any Minnesota library you can order books that … Continue reading

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    Three Principles Resources Tru Universe Three Principles Movies Three Principles Movies Resources Inspire Syndey Banks National Resilience Resource Center Three Principles Meetup Group The Three Principles Delta Group West Virginia University Heath Realization Center for Sustainable Change Health … Continue reading

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What Are The Three Principles?

The Three Principles Explained Mind has been defined as the universal intelligence or spiritual energy of all creation, both formless and in form. Consciousness is the awareness of the process of creation, and of what we have created; it is … Continue reading

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Your To Do List Has Unnecessary Tasks On It!

. How to Identify Tasks From Your To Do List That Can be Eliminated My wife’s mother Peg, passed away recently. I watched my wife and her family wrap up the personal affairs of this dear woman. The family ended … Continue reading

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