Oprah Interview of Byron Katie

Byron Katie

This is a message that everybody should hear

For those of you who are in my classes such as What Everybody Should Know About the Law of AttractionThe Secret to Dealing With Overload and Letting Go of Detrimental Thinking, you already know how much I hang on every word of author Byron Katie. But for the rest of you, here is hoping you get to know this marvelous woman.

Byron Katie’s The Work is truly inispired. Put simply it is a way for you to begin to know and understand how harmful unquestioned thoughts can be. If you find your self in a low mood situation at times (some of you all of the time) get to know Byron Katie and The Work.

A good place to start is by watching this interview between Oprah and Byron Katiewhich appeared on Oprah’s Soul Series on Monday night.

Don’t go past go, don’t collect $200 . . .  JUST DO IT!

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