Nothing Good is Ever Upstream

Do we plan . . . or are we planned?

A favorite Taoist saying of mine is: “Move your feet without having to know where you are going”.

Whether you plan or not, life goes on. However, in life itself a little whorl arises in the mind, which indulges in fantasies and imagines itself dominating and controlling life. The secret of tranquility is acceptance; hence, Lao-tzu’s injunction to become like a newborn babe – accepting things as they come without distinction. To tamper with this natural progression is a sure way of courting sorrow and disaster; to go along easily with things as they are is the way to tranquillity and wisdom.

What wants to be done makes itself known. In my workaholic days, I had lists for my lists and spent much frantic mental effort trying to force round pegs into square holes. But, I’ve given all of that up and life has never been simpler.

What doesn’t get done, wasn’t meant to happen.

I’m not sure what, if any, control I have over the events in my life . . . they just seem to happen. I don’t think we are the dancer, but we are being danced by the spinning of the earth.

When I stop fighting back against “what is” and let go of “what should be” life is effortless.

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