Confronting Financial Fear and Worry

Our Newest Class

Confronting Financial Fear and Worry

”Coping With Financial Fear and Worry” is the newest offering in our class line up of life-long learning experiences. The course has been created to help people survive and thrive in the current recessionary economy. This course will prove attractive to people seeking insights into living happier and more productive lives. This course offering has universal appeal for people caught up in the emotional roller coaster resulting from the current economic events.

Uncertainty about the future plagues the entire globe. Every American family that owns a home has taken a financial hit recently. Retirement funds have shrunk by 30%; unemployment is at record levels and threatens to go higher. Remaining emotionally balanced and at peace in these times requires a new set of coping skills. This mind-and-heart-opening class teaches participants how to:

  • Break the cycle of the repetitive inner voice of worry
  • Learn how to filter the real news from media fear mongering
  • Let go of fear in order to achieve inner serenity
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