Passing the Torch

Hi Gang

Leading the Tuesday night group has been quite frankly been one of the most personally rewarding experiences of my life. I am very thankful to have had such a wonderful group of friends who showed on Tuesday nights and shared their wisdom.

After two years of coming up with new and stimulating ideas for discussion each Tuesday, I recently started to run out of ideas and was beginning to feel stale and quite frankly I was becoming tired of hearing myself talk. I longed to be an attendee and not the leader it was clearly time for me to step aside and let those with new energy and enthusiasm bring some new ideas.

This issue has been on my mind for several months and I found myself scanning the room for likely candidates every time I attended a Three Principle’s function. And with a couple of very private consultations with Three Principles elders I began to grow in my confidence in approaching Cole and Sarah about whether they might be willing to step into the role that Barb and I have been performing these past two years. They enthusiastically agreed to take over the reigns as of April 16th.

We had carefully planned the public announcement at last night’s meeting, unfortunately the cosmos had other plans for me last night and made it necessary that I be with my sister Candy to mourn the passing of my mother yesterday at 5:30 pm. (Thank you all for your kind words and prayers by the way.) But I’m told Barb did just fine without me.

I hope you all are excited as I am at having some new blood in a leadership position and I hope you all will give them the same love and goodwill that you have shown Barb and I for these past two years.

And rest assured that Barb and I aren’t going anywhere . . . we fully intend to remain as regular attendees (as long as you understand my need to leave the room when you all spontaneously break out in some stupid song).

Thank you all for the joy you’ve brought Barb and I.

And of course as always here is this week’s wisdom:

“Relax into simply being life. We learn to recognize (to see, to sense) when we’re beginning to grasp or fixate, and in that recognition, quite naturally there is an ability to relax and let go. When we stop trying to figure it all out, we discover that it doesn’t need to be figured out, and in fact, can’t be figured out! When we stop desperately trying to get a grip, we find nothing is lacking and there is nothing to grasp.”

From Nothing to Grasp by Joan Tollifson

Namaste and See you all Tuesday night

 Barb and Gary

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