Keith Blevens Handouts

The Keith Blevens Handout

At The Thursday, May 19th Three Principles Meetup group Joe Bailey had an excellent article by Keith Blevens “How our Thinking Works”. For those that missed the handout here it is: Blevens-Handout

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3 Responses to Keith Blevens Handouts

  1. Lisa D. Portinga says:

    I read the Keith Blevens’ handout, and read it again, and will read it again, sooner rather than later. It fits in that space in my body that likes what I have taken in but it also is creating some disruption in that space in my body that says, ” I don’t completely understand, yet”. I am looking forward to understanding more as the two spaces merge and I can actualize the information. Thank you for bringing this to me.


  2. Bryan Ryan says:

    Bouncers when they see “negativity” coming down the road, learn to say “sorry, can’t get in today”, and to others, members only, you’re very welcome. They understand, through trial and error that if you let these people into your nightclub, that they will trash the place. The thing is, after a while these negative people get sick and tired of being turned away, and they go somewhere else. Have the same relationship with your own thinking, let the negative stuff go elsewhere. If it feels good, do it, if it feels bad, stop it !

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